Did you know that there are 40 trillion pages on the internet and that nearly 600 new websites are created every minute? With all that content vying for attention you have literally seconds to capture a reader’s interest. It’s therefore essential that your website is readable and interesting, with a clearly-defined message.





There’s nothing like a nice glossy brochure to showcase your products and services. But there’s little point in investing in great photography and graphic design without a compelling message to keep the customers interested.


Newsletters & Features



Whether you want to inform, educate or simply entertain, newsletters and features are an effective way of engaging with a wide audience. The trick is to interest them enough to read to the end. Why not consider an enewsletter to keep up a regular communication with your customers. The beauty of the enewsletter is that you can personalise it and, importantly, measure its success.


To blog or not to blog, that is the question many companies ask themselves. There are many advantages to blogging. For a start, search engines favour sites that are updated regularly and blog posts are a relatively simple way of achieving it. Blogs give you an opportunity to demonstrate thought leadership in your field and they can help you build relationships with potential customers. Still not convinced? Then it’s worth noting that websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages and small businesses that blog get 125% more leads.


Press releases

The aim of a press release is to get free publicity for your company in the media. But it needs to be both newsworthy and written in a style that will make the news editor want to publish it. Otherwise it will end up in the ‘round’ filing cabinet under the desk.


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